Facial nerve

This illustration was produced as part of my studies in Clinical Anatomy. I wanted to try and visualise the facial nerve and in particular it's path through the parotid gland and the 5 terminal divisions providing motor innervation to the facial muscles.

I also wanted to practice using the iPad Pro and Procreate to create a more illustrative style. I really enjoy drawing on the iPad and Procreate allows for a very realistic, traditional way of working with all the benefits of digital. With this illustration I've tried to include areas of connective tissue which I've noticed during clinical sessions.


This was a 3D illustration that I produced to try and illustrate the structure of a bronchiole. I got slightly carried away with this one and kept adding another layer of the anatomy all the way down to the haemoglobin molecules.

Neck dissection

This is another Procreate illustration I produced on the iPad Pro. The illustration shows a superficial dissection of the head and neck. This study was another attempt at developing a more traditional illustrative style (even though it was created digitally).

Trachial lining

This illustration was produced as part of a sequence demonstrating how intubation can damage the fragile lining of the trachea. The sequence goes on to show the healing process with the regeneration of the cilia.